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Rhopalostylis Sapida – NZ Nikau

75-80 litre 1.5 mtrs (15-20 yr old) $110.00 Sold Out Nikau
PB 95 Over 1 mtrs $75.00 Sold Out
PB 40 Under 1 mtrs $40.00 Sold Out
A robust Palm which can grow to 10 mtrs.
Prefers a shady sheltered site and looks great when planted in groups.


Rhopalostylis “Chathams” - Pitt Island Nikau

PB 40 60cm - 1m  $70.00
Pitt Island Nikau


PB 95 1.5 mtrs $120.00 Sold Out
This Nikau differs from the mainland species by having broader leaflets,
and being more sun and wind tolerant.


Astelia 'Silver Spear'

PB 40   $45.00
Astelia Silver Spear


Will grow well in average garden soil, in the open or light shade.


Metrosideros excelsa 'pohutukawa'

PB 8   $15.00


Known as NZ Xmas tree. A very adaptable tree which can withstand poor soils and coastal conditions and can grow rapidly under good conditions in inland gardens.
Protect young trees from frost.


Marattia Salicina – King Fern

PB 95 1 mtrs $140.00 Sold Out King Fern
PB 40 0.5 mtrs $60.00 Sold Out
A stunning fern with a tropical appearance. Now rare in the wild.
Needs semi shaded to shaded spot and protection from frost. Fronds will grow up to 4 mtrs long, 2 mtrs wide.

Agathis Australis – Kauri

70 – 80 ltr 3.00 mtrs

to $130

PB 95 2.5 mts $110.00
to $100
Majestic tree, slow growing taking 30 yrs to reach 10 mtrs. Tolerant of a wide range of conditions.

Griselinia Lucida – Puka

PB 95 1.5 mtrs $45.00 Sold Out Puka
PB 40 1 mtr $25.00 Sold Out
Thick glossy deep green leaves, can grow to 5 mtrs high. Can stand drier conditions and can be pruned to fit space available.